Sinus & Migraine:

These two pains are both characteristics of a migraine and sinus, correspondingly. Because of overlapping symptoms, migraine headaches and sinus have been misdiagnosed, very often! There are key distinctions between the two!!

Sinus : Inflammation of one's sinuses membranes due to nasal problems as well as bacterial infection is what you call sinusitis or sinus. If one has sinus, he will experience pain around the face, especially on your cheeks, areas surrounding the eyes, as well as above the eyebrows. Symptoms that occur with sinusitis are colds, phlegm, and fever. He will emit a greenish yellow nasal residue .This is clearly a symptom of sinus and not migraines.


A person is visually disturbed and feels pain pulsating in a particular head portion; these are the symptoms of migraines and not sinus. It may be the periodical ailment. There may a symptom of nausea, vomiting and excessive urination.

The required treatment is available in our clinic under holistic approach

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