Generally a wrong concept is prevailing among the nation: "Medication alone will do the purpose ". Never! Three things are compulsorily required to get "ease state" from "disease state": [a] adequate rest to the organs [b] required consumption of easily digestible food &[c] acceptable medication.

Now a day, in the noble medical field, we can hear the word "Terminal" often, which is a term that simply spreads fear. It suppresses and lessens our body's innate defense mechanism and proves the ungratefulness of the mankind too. The mankind is capable to terminate the terminology such as "Terminal" which simply spreads unwanted and unwarranted fear. The project of the Creator is: "We have certainly created man in the best of stature: And made the sleep [a means for] rest: And made the night as clothing: And made the day for livelihood "

Therefore, our institution is looking forward towards the mankind to get the reality instead of materiality.

"Raahath Chinese Acupuncture Herbal Clinic and Research Centre" { Regd No:1051/2002 } was established in 2002 in Chennai and followed by Prof. Dr. I. Abdul Rahim, M.D., (Acu)., D.M.T.,D.H.M.S.S.,D.B.F.,R.I.M.P., N.D., M.D.H.T., F.W.S.I.M.(USA),R.S.M.P. Dr. A. Mohamed Ilyas, M.D., (Acu), D.M.T., and Dr. A. Jamal Mohamed, M.Sc.,M.Phil., M.D., (Acu).,D.M.T., are also joined their father to serve the humanity in the clinic. We are situated at Purasawalkam. We do Treatment in a holistic approach for all ailments except i. poisonous snake bites, ii. Poison in takings & iii. Accidents. We have many success stories behind us in our clinic.

  • No Operation, No Medicines, No Tablets
  • All Diseases are cured by Nature Treatment through Herbal & Acupuncture Treatment for all known / unknown Diseases
  • Treatment for all known / unknown Diseases
  • No Diet
  • No Side Effects
  • No After Effects
  • YES INDEED... Several Side Benefits

Acupuncture Training Courses & other courses:

  • 6 Months Diploma Course
  • 1 Year Degree Course (S.T.)
  • 3 Years Degree Course
  • 1 Day Health Awareness Training Program
  • Half a day Training Program - Prevention measures & Break down measures related with dreaded diseases [such as diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, mind problems etc.,] to the patients. It will be very useful to the family members & heirs which will lead the mankind to get a "disease free" world.
  • 1 Day &Half a day Training Program for a group of students, Employees and Managerial Officers
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