First of all choose your precious time, 5-15 minutes initially & appropriate, required or possible place enable to sit leisurely. Close your valuable eyes to facilitate, not to divert your attention (Capital asset). Eliminate all thoughts from your mind/heart. Exhaust the existing air from your lungs through nose. Then do inhale through nose slowly as much as possible up to the lungs full & do exhale through nose slowly as much as possible. Then please try to do think, how the inhalation is taking place & how the exhalation is taking place in your incomparable lungs through nose for 2-3 minutes.

Then please start to do think without opening your eyes …

  • How the earth was created from water… & by Whom?
  • How the mountains were placed on the earth… & by Whom?
  • How the trees were created on the earth and on the mountains… & by Whom?
  • How the evil was created … & by Whom?
  • How the light was created … & by Whom?
  • How the animals were spread throughout the earth… & by Whom?
  • How the Father of Mankind Adam (AS) was created… & by Whom?
  • How the fire made for us from green tree and then from it we ignite … & by Whom?
  • How the small and big birds are flying by fluttering & without fluttering in the sky?
  • How the little (?) stars are twinkling up above the world so high like the diamonds in the sky?

Similarly, how the sun is shining…? How the moon is illuminating? How we are getting palatable pure milk to drink from grazing livestock (between excretion and blood in their bellies) and Who is arranging? How the mankind is created from a drop of dirty fluid in a small uterus in darkness? … … so on…

For 5-15 minutes. Then open your eyes. Feel better, think better, do better and propagate better. Initially you please try to do for 5-15 minutes. Then you will be able to extend as much as possible for you. If slept, please need not bother about it. Please do such practice daily. If not possible please do in alternate.