Colitis is a term used to describe inflammation of the colon .The mucosal layer is where the colon inflammation occurs and is responsible for the symptoms of colitis.The colon (large bowel or large intestine) is responsible for collecting and storing the waste products of digestion. It is a long muscular tube that pushes undigested food towards the anus for eventual elimination as a bowel movement.

There are a variety of causes of colitis including infections, and autoimmune reactions. One of the main causes is the excessive consumption of 4 things: a. Salt, b. spices, c. tamarind (tartness) d.fat/oil (ie., 4 ppu - VUppu, VURAIppu, PULIppu, KOZHUppu). Chronic constipation, the use of purgatives/ laxatives as medicine and inadequate elimination of toxins from the colons and bowls. Often, the intake of antibiotics may upset the bacterial flora in the intestines and interfere with proper digestion. As with any other organ, the colon has a blood supply with arteries delivering oxygen rich blood and nutrients to it, and veins that drain carbon dioxide and lactic acid from it. Diseases that decrease blood supply can also cause inflammation of the colon. Stress may also produce colitis. During any form of severe stress, outpouring of adrenal hormones causes such destruction of body protein that at times parts of the walls lining the intestines are literally eaten away. Such stress also depletes the body of essential acid.

Traditional and simple therapies are available that may dramatically reduce the signs and symptoms of colitis and even bring about a long-term remission. Diet is the mainstay therapy for most causes of colitis. A clear liquid diet allows the colon to rest, since the liquid is absorbed in the stomach and none is passed into colon to be processed as stool. Adequate hydration is very important which a key element in this treatment is. Furthermore, the Natural Health is essential besides Natural Herbs

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