Health Care Exercises :

  • Awake early in the morning in between 3 am & 5 am. { EARLY TO RISE }
  • Cleanse the teeth first. Do massage the whole gum well with a finger.
  • Excrete the excreta intact.
  • Take 2 tumblers of drinking water from pure copper vessel.
  • Take the pilot food early in the morning. It will be better than 1000 (One thousand) medicines. This food must contain at least not less than one morsel of solid items.
  • Do vision care exercise for 5 minutes [with+3+2+1 tips] to promote the functional efficacy. Please try to learn the same in proper manner along with the acts not to do, from a physician.
  • Please do walk in open space for 15-20 minutes. Sit calmly for 5 minutes to tranquilize the body.
  • Take bath whenever necessary followed by appropriate procedure.. &.take breakfast with more quantum of food with proper manner in between 7-9 am.(refer-food)
  • If possible take one cup of vegetable soup or one tender coconut (water) by 11.30 am. Please avoid deeply fried snacks between the breakfast& lunch.
  • Take the lunch with moderate quantum of food between 1.30-2.30 pm. whenever taking chicken curry or fried chicken, please don't add lemon juice with it. Avoid chicken liver. Add more cooked or steamed vegetables. Don't have cooked food and raw food in one time. There should be an interval.
  • If possible to have a nap. Otherwise simply sit for 10 minutes, even without talk.
  • Refresh by taking some sprouted seeds or boiled seeds. (Green gram/Soya/Bengal gram Etc.,) in evening.
  • In evening, play out door games or do walk in open area for 20-30 minutes and get relaxed.
  • Take the supper with moderate quantum of food between 7-9 pm.

If don't mind please do mind care exercise. Please try to learn teeth & gum care exercise, throat care exercise, nail care exercise, hair care exercise, skin care exercise and bone care exercise etc.,

Please go to bed before 10 pm to have a nice & sound sleep without roaring. {EARLY TO BED}