Cleansing of our body is playing vital role in maintaining the health of body and mind.

•   Brushing of teeth:

Immediately on rise from the bed early in the morning, do brush the teeth with a natural soft root are soft stem of the green tree.

•  Excretion of Urine

In a day one can pass out the urine 6-10 times according to the atmosphere. When urging for urination, one should search for a suitable urinal. Before entering in to urinal, wear the foot wear, cover the head, sit properly (by pressing gently with right elbow at the right lower abdomen, and close the nostrils with palm) and then start to pass out the urine completely without retraction. Then immediately wash the outlet and urinal with sufficient clean water

The periodical evacuation of stool will always be good for the good health.

•   Taking Bath : Take bath whenever necessary. Naturally bathing cools down & removes the dirt.

•   De-worming : Natural de-worming twice in a month is enough. If not, have medication twice in a year.

•   Removal of Nails.

The periodical removal of nails will always be good for the good health. Any synthetic coating on the nail will be the hurdle to get the water wealth!

•   Removal of Hairs.

The periodical removal of unwanted hairs will always be good for the good health.

•   Circumcision- An ancient Hygiene-Proven Scientific Fact!