The constitution of mankind is made up of seven constituents: 1.Elements, 2.Temperaments, 3.Humours, 4.Fundamental organs, 5.Spirits, 6.Faculties & 7.Functions.

There are three states of the body that are possible: 1. Health, 2.Disease 3. A condition, which is neither health nor disease, that is, convalescence and old age.

Everyone must learn & have hygiene. What is meant by hygiene? Hygiene is the art of self healing, or health maintenance and disease prevention. The art of hygiene is solely affordable, if it is cultivated. Proper hygiene practices build good health; faulty or improper hygiene breeds suffering and disease.

The art of hygiene has two sides. First, you have to give your body all the good, wholesome things it needs: a healthy, nutritious food, adequate exercise and activity, sufficient regenerative sleep and rest, and a healthy constructive lifestyle. The other side involves eliminating all the undesirable impurities, residues and superfluities from the body by cleansing to keep the body clean, both inwardly and outwardly. Disease flourishes where filth and impurities accumulate. Most traditional healing systems are built upon the art of proper hygiene. At its core, the traditional systems of medicine are essentially a very elaborate and sophisticated system of hygiene.

Sometimes it's more important to know that," what kind of person has a disease than what kind of disease a person has." Please contact us, in connection with consultation, treatment, traditional herbal medicine and training program for a group of students, employees and managerial officers

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